We shape brands with meaningful visions, voices and visuals to create impactful and memorable experiences 

We are award-winning brand-builders, helping businesses of all sizes launch, grow and build strong, and long-lasting relationships. Our strategic approach is key to developing brands that captivate customers, engage prospects and rally employees.

What is branding?

A brand is a person’s feeling about your company, products and services that helps to define your overall reputation. Branding is the practise of building a memorable and positive identity for your company.

Each interaction, whether it’s a banner on your website, a sales campaign, the tone of voice, colour choice or email signature — each element of your communication is a part of your brand. If you would like your business to be seen as sophisticated, there are graphics, colours and fonts that will help communicate that.

We bring together all these branding elements to deliver a cohesive and unique message, giving you confidence in sharing what you do.

We’re passionate about creating memorable brands, that inspire and engage your audience.


Why invest in your brand?

Your branding can affect customer perceptions, emotions, attitudes and ultimately the final buying decision.

So what’s the key to a successful brand? A carefully crafted, considered and consistent brand is the most important step towards success for your business.

Naturally, you’ll want to be seen to fit in with your industry, whilst having stand-out features that get you noticed. That’s where JD Designs can help elevate your brand to something unforgettable. We have been chosen by both start-ups and household names to add the wow-factor that immediately distinguishes a brand as a stand-out in their category and get them noticed.

We have a proven track-record of creating and building brands that your team will rally behind and will stay in the forefront of customer’s minds at the all-important buying stage. We have also been recognised as one of the top branding agencies in the United Kingdom.

Brand guidelines are an essential tool for businesses of all sizes and have a wide variety of uses. We’ll create and display instructions for assets such as stationery, social media posts, signage, online graphics and other marketing collateral. This’ll help communicate a consistent and captivating message to your growing audience.




Brand creation and development
Brand guidelines
Logo & identity design
Art direction
Stationery design
Packaging design
Graphic design
Annual report design
Brochure design
Catalogue design
Signage design


Brand strategy & positioning
Voice & Tone development
Social media reach
Customer experience
Brand attributes


Website design
Website development
SEO Search engine optimisation
Website maintenance
Social media marketing
Social media content creation
eCommerce websites
Website analytics statistics
Email marketing


Our Approach

We take the time to discover your ideal client and your niche, paying attention to every detail, with a focus on creating a thoughtful and authentic connection.

Our intention is to create long-lasting branding, rather than designing based on trends which need to be redesigned in a few years. This maximises your investment and recognition with customers.

Our Approach

We take the time to discover your ideal client and your niche, paying attention to every detail, with a focus on creating a thoughtful and authentic connection.

Our intention is to create long-lasting branding, rather than designing based on trends which need to be redesigned in a few years. This maximises your investment and recognition with customers.

Our Process

It can be daunting creating a new brand or refreshing an existing business. We guide you through the process and explain clearly and simply what you can expect from us. Timescales and due-dates are also agreed from the get-go. 

Our process may differ slightly as we tailor each project for every customer depending on their needs.


We begin with a one-to-one phone call, or Skype appointment where we get to know a little about yourself and your needs. We’ll explain our process, answer any questions you may have and setup a tailored proposal for your business.


We’ll create a proposal that’s specific to your needs. The proposal will include a timeline, case-studies and an estimate. If you are happy to get started, we’ll ask for a deposit to officially book your spot into our schedule.


Our all-important discovery form helps to unearth all the relevant details about your business, whilst discovering your ideal client. Taking the time to listen and understand your needs is a vital ingredient to formulating a unique brand that truly connects. 


We create a design brief based on a huge amount of research of your business, your competition and your industry.

We can also develop your unique voice, present your ideal client and core value attributes.

We then convert all the associated words with your business into relevant and captivating visuals. These visuals will be presented to you as a mood board or stylescapes, where you can hand-pick elements you’d like to move forward with. We’ll then showcase a range of unique concepts for the elements that will build your brand identity, whilst explaining why they’ll work for you and your customers. Visual mockups of how your new branding will look on essential branding products will be included, such as stationery, merchandise and signage. You’ll have the opportunity to help your identity take shape by choosing your preferred elements, giving peace of mind that we’re going in the right direction and excitement to see your brand identity evolve.

Once the concept designs are approved, we’ll polish and refine these visual elements whilst developing your brand guidelines.


The anticipation is over! It’s time to show off your new identity to the world. You’ll receive a clear, effective and easy to implement brand identity that will connect with your ideal client. We’ll just need your final payment before sending you the completed deliverables, which will be categorised into clearly distinguishable folders, with a variety of relevant file types for print and web. Labels will indicate to you, suppliers and partners exactly what they need to reproduce your branding in the best way possible. . Also included is our “Launch your Brand toolkit”, listing our top tips and channels to market your new brand.


Keep the momentum going! We’ll be here to help your brand evolve and stay connected with the right people. Our clients return to us on a regular basis for advice and to help broadcast their brand through website design, social media content, advertising campaigns and much more. 


Let’s bring your brand to life

Want to talk more about your business goals and inspiration for your brand? Click the link below to book a call about your project and any questions you may have.


Rave Reviews

We’ve partnered with global brands, such as Amnis, DesignRush and Facebook. We pride ourselves on developing brands that truly make an impact. What makes us even happier is hearing your feedback. Here are just some of the reviews we’ve received.

If you are looking for someone who can build your brand and create a design which fits with your business values and core audience I couldn’t recommend JD Designs more.

James not only made the effort to understand our business, he went above and beyond our initial request to provide us with everything we would need to have core assets in the new branding.

Not only this but the work was completed within an extremely tight deadline.

From communicating concepts, readjusting ideas to fit our needs and producing high-quality assets James was understanding, communicative and offered advice and ideas of what we would need as part of the process.

We look forward to a long-term partnership with JD Designs moving forward.

Jo Knight

Head of Marketing, Tenderlake

We requested our company rebrand including Stylescapes, Logo and brand guidelines. JD was very clear in what the path was to success, was always very clear and professional. Despite us not being very experienced in graphic design/branding, JD delivered exceptional results. We are very happy with the new brand design and I would like to personally thank JD. We will definitely take pleasure in him supporting us further in our journey. Looking forward to doing more business together.

Milos Jankovic

Senior Managing Partner, Koretrust


Can I order just the logo?

We are happy to offer a single logo service. We have been recognised amongst the top logo design companies in the UK. We aim to create clean and simple, yet distinctive logos that add personality and stand the test of time.

Whilst we offer a single logo service, it’s worth remembering that a logo is not a brand. Our broader branding packages offer complete supporting design assets and instructions, providing a clear and consistent message to your customers.

How do I get started?

We’ll arrange an introductory phone call to learn about you and your requirements. Bookings are made on a first-come-first-serve basis. We can only schedule bookings into our work diary for customers who first pay an agreed deposit detailed in our proposal. Without payment of the deposit, we will not book-in or proceed with any work.

Can a brand package be tailor made?

Absolutely! Every customer is different, so our services are customised based on your business and your needs.

How long does the process take?

A complete branding package usually takes 4 to 6 weeks. Any urgent requirements can be discussed.

How do payments work?

Payments can be made via bank transfer. Our standard payment structure: 33% up front, 33% at an agreed mid-project milestone and 34% prior to releasing the final files.

Do you work with global customers?

Yes, definitely! Roughly one third of our clients span across the globe. Our design framework can be deployed for any client in any location.

Do you offer other design work?

We provide a wide range of design materials e.g. business stationery, packaging, brochures, leafets, social media posts and much more.

How will I receive my final logos and brand guidelines?

Your final logo will be categorised into clearly distinguishable folders, for print and web, with labels indicating to you and printers exactly what they need to do to reproduce your logo in the best way possible. Your brand guidelines will be supplied as a  print-ready PDF and a separate PDF optimised for using online.

Will I own the branding assets?

Our promise is to automatically assign the ownership of the design copyright and any intellectual property (IP) rights to our customers upon payment of outstanding invoices.

Let’s get started

If you’re ready to elevate your business, then so are we. We’d love to hear from you; so call us on 0208 1444 171 or drop us an email below.