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Lammas Partners

Lammas Partners, a new staffing agency for the life science industry, tasked us with creating and developing their brand.

Via a comprehensive strategy session we established the company will partner with pharmaceutical and biotech businesses, sourcing high-level staffing positions. As a means to differentiate from their competition and cement their brand positioning, Lammas Partners promote an ethical approach to recruitment. In order to remove the stigmas associated with the recruitment industry, they look to forge long-term partnerships with a strong focus on consultancy.

Upon completion of our Ideal Customer Profile exercise, we established the target demographic are males between 45-50 years, based in the East and West Coast of the United States, with an annual income of $450-500k. The ideal customer invests heavily in the company they are working for and prides themselves on the expertise in their field and delivering their promise. Implementing c-suite and director level placements increases the likelihood of trial success and makes a difference to finding vital medicines.


In order for the new brand to thrive, we ascertained the need in three key areas; quality of service, accountability and flexibility.

We translated the keywords and adjectives unearthed during the discovery stage into relevant visuals during the Stylescape stage. Stylescapes are developed moodboards, consisting of brand assets such as colors, typography, photography, patterns, etc. The purpose is to create a basic visual aesthetic and a clear direction for the new brand. The customer was presented with three unique Stylescapes for them to select their favourite, with an opportunity to refine specific assets before polishing each element of the brand.

Appealing to the target audience would entail the clear perception of quality throughout each form of design. The approved visual approach channels a modern and premium look and feel, highlighting the consistently high-quality service to customers. The combination of gold and dark green promotes these high standards and builds trust.

We proposed a goldfinch as the company icon owing to its close connections with the values of Lammas Partners. Goldfinches are known for being great communicators, with energetic and enthusiastic personalities. They are always looking to develop, building a deep understanding of their environment, with a simple approach. The Goldfinch often changes its environment, which points to the desire to stay interested and the need for diversity. This social breed thrives in large groups, with strong nurturing qualities and valuing relationships. The structure of the icon consists of geometric and linear shapes, with ‘LP’ subtly included within the design. The tree-branch creates an ‘L’, with the ‘P’ built within the wing and tail of the Goldfinch. The emerging branch connects with the development of relationships between the agency and its customers.

A geometric pattern has been developed using similar strokes to that of the Goldfinch icon, using gold shades to add to the premium and unique nature of the brand. These bold, strong shapes are referenced throughout each application to be impactful and consistent.


In addition to job vacancies sent via email, we designed a new vacancy brochure, increasing engagement and appeal towards the high-end positions being offered.

We curated a series of illustrations as a means to personalise the brand further and enhance the approachable feeling we were looking to portray. The main subject matter was people centric with a clear focus on building relationships.

illustrator for promotional products

Award Winning Project

Winner: DNA Paris Design Awards 2022 – Branding Category – Lammas Partners Brand Creation and Development

Rave Reviews

JD Designs built our entire brand, they listened to what we wanted and then adapted it to make sense.

They supplied everything from a logo through to presentation decks. Very responsive and went out of their way to meet our tight deadlines.

If you are building a brand or need any type of design work give JD Designs a call.

Ollie Lammas

Founder, Lammas Partners

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