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Agile Station

The Agile Station is an autonomous charging station designed for electric vehicles, such as motorized mobility vehicles and other mobility devices. The Agile Station provides a wireless charging solution that eliminates the need for human interaction. The electric vehicle simply needs to be driven onto the designated pad to be charged. This solution is not only beneficial for individual users, but fleet owners, and operators across a variety of sectors. These include healthcare facilities, retirement communities, hotels, cruise ships, commercial centres and amusement parks.


The brand’s vision is to integrate its wireless technology into the aforementioned sectors and contribute to the advancement of smart cities, where electricity flows effortlessly, wirelessly, and securely, energising a wide range of devices and systems.

We established the need for a larger focus on the customer benefit, over technological features and processes. Whilst the company aren’t marketing towards the end-user, the facilities that will purchase and hold the Agile Station need to be aware of the clear benefits to the end-user.

The brand’s visual identity would need to represent innovation, simplicity, the sleek design of the product and accessibility.


We presented three unique visual identity concepts to the client, whilst explaining our rationale behind them. The chosen identity looks to convey a sense of technological advancement through a human and trustworthy aesthetic.


The lightning bolt that forms part of the brand icon communicates how customers can quickly and effectively charge their mobility devices without human interaction. Lightning is commonly associated with power, speed, energy, and innovation. Its jagged and electrifying design can create a dynamic and impactful visual, projecting a sense of vitality and strength.


The colour palette, with the primary light-purple evoking a sense of peace and confidence – communicating the peace of mind, confidence and freedom enabled by Agile Station. Purple also has strong links to creativity and innovation, signalling to the audience that the brand is at the forefront of creating pioneering technological solutions. Warm grey/taupe balances the lighter purple, representing reliability, practicality and intelligence. Light blue promotes trustworthiness, dependability, and reliability. Contrasting deep shades of green adds a sophisticated touch and appeals to most audiences. Green also helps to project the brand as a socially and ecologically impactful company, expressing the brand’s potential to redefine our understanding of electricity distribution, consumption, and sustainability.


The fluid, pulsating pattern, with a soft artwork style, emulates the seamless process of wireless charging.


We developed a range of lifestyle images within common settings, such as shopping malls, retirement homes and cruise ships.


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