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Datamigo are a small digital marketing agency focusing on analytics and marketing data support. Armed with a high level of accuracy and a deep understanding of marketing analytics, their goal for each project is reliability and quality. 

They approached us to develop their identity and build a cohesive and compelling brand. The goal for the new brand was to help establish themselves as the preferred data and digital marketing partner to their customers.

Our brand strategy exercises allowed the client to boost the brand’s performance and improve brand recognition. We developed Datamigo’s messaging, communicating the value that its newly defined target audience were looking for. 

Within a tech-centered ecosystem, it was important to include a personable side to the brand, therefore making the business feel more approachable. 

The strategic work uncovered the lack of a foothold in its industry. Developing a sense of establishment for this young brand was a focus through its messaging and visuals. 


Once the identity and messaging had been established, we presented three unique Stylescapes, which comprise of stylised and advanced moodboards. Whilst sharing similarities, each Stylescape gave a preview of how their new brand could exist in the real world with varying approaches. The three options allowed the client to select their preferred visual identity and request any refinements prior to being polished and finalised.  


The approved Stylescape (2) aimed to find synergy between the expertise of the consultant and the simplicity of the services to execute. The look-and-feel focuses on quality, improved performance and customer satisfaction.


The logo icon symbolises the measurement and analysis of data, conveying a reliable and quality service. We as humans are instinctively drawn to the human eye, thus making the icon memorable. Elements of the icon are used to create the brand pattern, increasing familiarity with the brand.


Upon delivery of a comprehensive visual identity system, Datamigo were able to share insights across the business and to its customers with powerful visualisations. Illustrations depict the easy to implement tactics, with consultants readily available, using a simple and attractive style.

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