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Koretrust are a Digital Supply Chain solutions company based in Italy. Whilst in need of modernising, their new brand required a closer connection to their values of competency, reliability, trustworthiness and excellence. We began with a discovery session, unearthing all the required details to gain a complete and thorough knowledge of the customer, their industry, their vision, amongst other key factors. We soon determined the mission and vision statements, their ideal client profile and tone of voice. Once we had cemented Koretrust’s brand identity we translated the key information into a visual identity.


We presented three Stylescapes that aimed to align with the new direction for the brand and connect with its audience. The client favoured Stylescape 1, but felt it needed less rigidity and look more approachable. By introducing a modernised colour palette and curvature we refined Stylescape 1 and produced Stylescape 4, which conveyed the personable feeling the client was looking for.


The original Koretrust logo required an update as it wasn’t reflecting the brand values. We developed the logo that aimed to reach a suitable level of simplicity, whilst being distinctive and memorable. The structure adopts a geometric form, with curvature to reflect a human and approachable business. The upward-curved segment of the ‘K’ signifies the growth related with Koretrust’s service. The gap within the vertical line of the icon creates two square shapes that emulate data nodes.


Rave Reviews

We requested our company rebrand including Stylescapes, Logo and brand guidelines. JD was very clear in what the path was to success, was always very clear and professional. Despite us not being very experienced in graphic design/branding, JD delivered exceptional results. We are very happy with the new brand design and I would like to personally thank JD. We will definitely take pleasure in him supporting us further in our journey. Looking forward to doing more business together.

Milos Jankovic

Senior Managing Partner, Koretrust

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