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Swiss Digital Marketers

Swiss Digital Marketers’ primary offering is a portfolio of growth tactics which are easy and quick to implement, no matter the industry or business model. Their secondary offering is a ‘done-for-you’ marketing service, supporting most aspects of customer needs. Customer pain-points are addressed by hand-picked consultants who determine what tactics will generate marketing and sales performance in a short space of time. Through supporting consultants by monetizing their tactics and helping marketers increase their performance, SDM’s long-term goal is to become one of the largest marketing communities in Europe. We were tasked with creating a captivating, cohesive and unique brand identity, including a comprehensive set of brand guidelines and complete library of brand assets for SDM to access and deploy with ease.


The customer approved an approach which channels the dynamic nature of the new brand and fast-paced solutions for its customers. The icon emulates a similar structure of a funnel whilst highlighting tactics that are quick to setup. The icon is transformed into a pattern at differing scales, symbolising the solutions offered to companies of any size. The brighter choice of green and blue cements the digital-first attitude moving forward. Photography, particularly images of consultants or customers, can be included in interesting ways such as positioning them within arrows from the icon. Interstate is a typeface that compliments the arrows owing to the terminals of ascending and descending strokes that are cut at an angle. Single colour illustrations and iconography support the simple and clean approach.


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