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 Amnis is an electronic foreign exchange and international payment solution designed for SMEs. The reason behind their desire to rebrand was to connect with a new global audience that conquers new markets with an identity that mirrored their new services. Their dedicated platform for SMEs reduces the amount of time to make a payment, in addition to the transfer cost, whilst allowing the customer to buy currency at a better price. Their main point of differentiation from competitors is the platform’s direct access to money exchange and transfer, whilst being transparent.

By performing competitor analysis, we established the importance of balancing the simplicity of the tools available, whilst championing the technology that developed these tools. Whilst four competitors target SMEs, they have limited tools with less emphasis on embracing the technology that provides a wealth of benefits to Amnis customers. It became clear that transparency was an important selling point for Amnis, with customers given clear and consistent fees and rates on all currencies. Whereas competitors’ fees varied and were not easy to determine, thus creating confusion.


When developing the Ideal Client Profile we determined the 42 year-old Finance Manager made multiple international payments using simple tools that save time and reduce costs. He brings a strategic focus to his role, with a keen interest in new and reliable tech that would ultimately improve his performance and reputation with his employer.

Following a thorough review, we came to the decision to simplify the name from Amnis Treasury to Amnis. Given the new range of services, the company no longer serves solely as a treasury. Amnis is the latin translation for stream; symbolising the fast-flowing, simple process, along with the transparency reflected within each transaction. For that reason we were confident that Amnis remains a very appropriate name for the new brand, whilst maintaining familiarity with the established audience.

We held workshops with the major stakeholders, where we refreshed Amnis’ core values, and identified their tone of voice. The next task was to translate everything we’d discovered about the ideal client, the brand and its goals into distinctive and relevant visuals. 


The approved lower-case Amnis logo with a geometric typeface reflects the pursuit of a forward thinking, open-world and ability to consistently innovate. The wave design within the icon reflects the brand names’ latin translation for stream and the constantly moving philosophy of the business. The pattern consisting of four arrows are a nod to Amnis’ Swiss heritage. The segmentation of the Swiss cross into four arrows conveys the expansion into the four corners of the earth. The upward and forward direction of the arrows represents the positive results and development customers can achieve. The secondary, low-contrast geometric pattern evokes automation and intuitive systems that are always working behind the scenes. The individual elements inside the pattern showcases the currency exchange process and financial and professional growth.


The visual identity aims to achieve a clean, simple and distinctive fit for the brand’s image. We developed Amnis’ brand guidelines where employees and suppliers can utilise each asset with confidence whilst achieving consistency throughout each application.

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New offices opened in Austria, Czech Republic and Italy.

One year after launching the new brand, employees rose from 20 to 80.

Amnis are currently active in 6 countries and will soon be launching services in 11 new countries.


Award Winning Project

Winner: DNA Paris Design Awards 2022 – Branding Category – Amnis Brand Creation and Development

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