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Single Handed Products

Single Handed Products are a UK based startup providing unique, creative and life changing solutions to everyday problems faced by all of us. These innovative products will allow people of all ages, particularly those with limited capabilities to have an easier life and perform tasks with confidence.

We were approached to create a brand identity that would connect with a ranging demographic, with the client wanting to portray a ‘funky personality’ to ensure they get noticed.

We began with a discovery session with Single Handed’s founder to decipher their vision for the company along with other factors that helped to cement a plan for the brand creation.

startup branding on dragons den
startup branding on dragons den logo design

There were two stand-out logos amongst a range presented to the customer. Concept 1 focused on the benefits of SH products, particularly their core product The Tipsy Tray, which allows quick and easy transportation of drinks that can be securely held with one hand. The product was showcased on BBC’s Dragon’s Den in 2021 and was very well received. The logo icon acts as a drink, with the design of the S and H connoting how drinks are safe and secure when using The Tipsy Tray. The logo conveys a strong, secure, trusted and built-to-last nature.

For concept 2 we illustrated a hand where the icon forms the ‘S’ and ‘H’ in Single Handed. The open, relaxed position of the hand is purposefully designed to express the easy adaptation to Single Handed products, whilst having the versatility to be used across other products. The client approved concept 2 as it was the most memorable, distinctive and connected with their values.


We developed a brand guidelines document, covering everything from brand identity and personality to fonts, photography and stationery.


The key target sectors for Single Handed’s products are the Hospitality and Medical industry. Blue and green are synonymous with the medical industry, whilst the bold and vibrant hues reflect the brand’s futuristic, unique and creative innovation. 

The secondary palette forms a group of supporting colours, commonly used for backgrounds, infographics etc.



We utilised the Foco typeface for the wordmark and primary font, owing to its balance of clean, simple, straight lines with its distinctive curvature. This echoes the flexibility of products that adapt to our lifestyles rather than us adapting to the product.  

Single Handed smashed their Kickstarter campaign target hours after launching and continue to grow their legion of investors and followers.

merchandise collection for startup brand
merchandise for kickstarter


The Tipsy Tray has launched on Amazon and has grown 100% month on month.

Single Handed has climbed to number 2 for Serving Platters on Amazon.

The company has expanded into the US market.

10.5million views on Tiktok.


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