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Tenderlake offer an intelligent tender search platform to help businesses look for public contract and framework notices throughout Europe. It is the first tender platform which harnesses artificial intelligence and machine learning to find more and better matched public procurement opportunities. It’s customers look for high-quality products which convey professionalism, trustworthiness as well as looking for solutions which enhance productivity and help save time and resource.

Working with the marketing team, we conducted in-depth research and held a series of workshops to establish a focus on the new innovative, forward-thinking and customer centric brand. The main benefit for customers is reliability, usability and how much time the platform saves them.


The brand icon, consisting of an abstract, hexagonal, star-like icon with a slight tilt suggests a sense of revolving motion. This conveys Tenderlake’s forward thinking, innovative solution to the market. The repeating pattern reflects the instant, automatic distribution of the latest tenders available to customers. The motion also implies speed, connoting the company’s objective of saving customers time.

Curves and open spacing between segments highlight a sense of fluidity: the ability to deliver tailored tenders to meet individual customer needs.

A combination of square and rounded corners represent the fusion of natural and artificial: a professional, service-minded team and the AI search with machine learning capabilities. When these contrasting shapes are combined, they create a balanced visual metaphor, suggesting stability and reliability. The modular star shape associates the brand with excellence, capability and high-standards.

We also developed a suite of brand assets and a comprehensive set of brand guidelines.


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