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Sydrogen are an emerging business in the nanotechnology field. Developing new coating technologies that can be applied to a wide range of products, their products are a cheaper, more durable and sustainable alternative to carbon coatings. We were tasked with developing Sydrogen’s new brand and assisting them in becoming an industry leader. We established their target audience and determined their desire for quality, reliable, affordable and secure products.


We developed and presented three unique Stylescapes. Each of these included a range of stylised branding assets whilst explaining the story behind their creation and how they would connect with the target audience.


The customer connected with Stylescape 2, with slight variations needed before proceeding with the finessed design templates.


This chosen visual identity looked to evoke the premium and sustainable nature of the brand with large amounts of natural greens and greys. The tranquil mint green is an appealing juxtaposition to the electric blue, providing balance to the palette along with an element of surprise and contrast. Isolated images are deployed to highlight and champion key content. Large, angular strokes highlight a sense quality and performance and directly reference the angles used in the brand icon.


The brand icon showcases a clear hexagon icon with the enclosed ‘S’, conveying strength, confidence and long-lasting quality. 


The geometric pattern was developed to reference Sydrogen’s nanotechnology coating products, utilising cutting-edge, proven technology to enable performance and durability enhancements of components across the hydrogen economy value chain.


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