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Limelight are global distributors of branded merchandise, primarily for use by marketers and HR professionals.

JD Designs were commissioned to rebrand the business on the strength of its work for multiple global merchandise distributors and suppliers.

As with most projects, the first step was to unearth the story that separated the company from its competitors through stakeholder interviews. Following an extensive positioning and strategy exercise, we discovered that the company had become hard to distinguish between the mass of merchandise suppliers in the market and were little known to large blue-chip organisations.

The updated value proposition looks to protect and enhance customers’ brand image, reputation and employee satisfaction. Customers regularly encounter problems when ordering and managing their merchandise due to time and complex logistics. Limelight make a personal commitment to go further than anyone else by making the supply and management of merchandise as simple as possible. Despite a lack of notoriety, Limelight were suitably established and experienced to embrace the opportunity of targeting large blue-chip organisations who are passionate about their brand image and employee satisfaction.

A range of digital tools make complex tasks simple, including global distribution. We established a need to convey Limelight’s reliability for the quick supply of high-quality products, whilst harnessing these tech features. Highlighting the company’s ability to be the go-to distributor for inspirational ideas in each sector was another key factor.

Limelight is strongly positioned to lead the charge within the promotional merchandise category, but to do so, we needed a bolder approach.


One of the aims of the rebrand was to propel it to a category-leader status, with a direction that looked to capture the desired inspiring and aspirational emotions. We crafted three unique brand identity concepts in the form of Stylescapes and presented these to the Limelight team.

The new look aims to connect with Limelight’s purpose of becoming the partner of choice to some of the world’s largest brands – with a new identity that is designed to inspire, uplift, and support the prosperity of its clients.


The old logo featured a crown that gave the brand a formal, trustworthy, but potentially a pretentious aesthetic. The crown icon had been integral to Limelight’s branding and as such had huge sentimental value. However, the crown icon had no specific meaning, lacked imagination and didn’t align with the updated positioning. As the stakeholders were tied to the crown, the new icon includes a nod to the past whilst projecting itself into the future at the same time. Referencing the crown, this new brand mark forms an abstract approach to the crown jewel.

The jewel, crafted through the ‘L’s in Limelight, indicates the team’s ongoing support and constantly working to provide the best merchandise solutions for customers. Octagons are a powerful geometric shape, symbolically referring to rebirth, embodying a strong feeling of community. Stylistic changes have been made to each letter ‘L’ in the wordmark to complement the style of the icon. The diagonal stroke signifies growth associated with the partnership developed with Limelight and its customers.

The jewel is designed to be a flexible and dynamic asset, that extends to form the brand pattern, helping brand recognition. Vertical and horizontal line separators are deployed liberally throughout compositions to categorise messages, aid the visual journey through content and tie back to the linear elements in the logo. Generous amounts of negative/white space, allow key messages and product imagery to breathe.


The modernised palette, centering on a confident and reliable deep navy is supported shades of green, particular darker tones, promoting a sense of quality, professionalism and links to sustainability. Warmer tones within the primary palette convey the personable nature of Limelight and help the brand appeal to a wide demographic and diverse product range. Limelight’s stakeholders were keen to maintain the original lime green, so we made subtle developments to modernise it.


A serif and san-serif typeface combination was selected to enhance the inspiring, aspirational
and reliable brand connotations whilst providing a clear navigation through written content.


We created a range of composite product mockups using some of Limelight’s key clients branding for use on the website and catalogues. We included humans interacting with products as research has proven that people holding or using products can result in a 60% increase in brand engagement.


We noted the expansion of opportunities driven by internal corporate marketing and home working – extending the product range to include packaged solutions targeting different occasions. The popularity of corporate gift packs has surged since the pandemic, especially onboarding/welcome packs containing branded merchandise for new employees.

To bring greater focus to the various corporate gift packs, they were categorised into specific colours with a label and badge design which resembles an accreditation. The label and badge elevates the packs’ desirability, creates a feeling of trust and extends to include any certifications and sustainable connections with the product.


The new product range aesthetic looks to break away from category conventions of cheap throw-away products and to highlight sustainable, reusable and quality items.

Products are isolated with subtle shadows and positioned upon solid brand colours to bring focus to the products.

Customers regularly require product ideas for events with a specific theme, such as giveaway items for a summer team-building trip. We curated a series of composite product mockups to create lifestyle visuals that showcase aspirational products – helping customers see how a specific product fits in with others in its range, positioned in relevant environment. 


The look and feel of the website aims to connect with the high-quality, expert, aspirational, trustworthy and established nature of the brand. The monochromatic background brings prominence to text and bold product imagery. The homepage showcases a range of visuals, allowing the products to do the talking.

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