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29 Nights

29 Nights are a rental arbitrage investment company based in Seattle, offering customer-friendly, guest-centric, and relationship-oriented stays in the region of Washington. We were responsible for building their new brand that aligned with their elegant, proud and attentive approach. The Great Blue Heron is a feature of the Seattle region throughout the year and is noticeable mainly due to its majestic wingspan. We selected this determined bird as the logo icon for its excellent vision and scouting abilities. These abilities relate to the company’s unique focus on analysing guest experience. The wide-spanning wings of the heron mimic the early phases of the moon, with a full moon in the background. This links to the before, during and after service offering, with the full-moon symbolising new beginnings and growth. We were entrusted with the design and development of their brand guidelines, website and email marketing templates.


The naming of the brand’s colours links to the origins of 29 Nights, using relevant geological names from the Puget Sound region.



  • Since launching, 4 new listings created
  • +200% retention rate
  • Surge in member’s club subscriptions

Rave Reviews

I’ve worked with JD Designs on my branding, website and promotional material. They continue to deliver consistent, high-quality material that compliments my brand and marketing material exceptionally. Their work has helped to inspire and motivate my hospitality team to provide our clients with first-rate services because of how strong and fleshed-out our branding material is. Since the launch of my brand we have acquired 4 additional new listings, more than doubled our booking retention rate, and most important of all, have a growing list of Preferred Club Members that choose to stay with 29 Nights wherever possible. Thank you James and JD Designs!

Hunter Freeman

Founder, 29 Nights

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